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Empowering Panel users with free online training material.

Training Center

Each of the following Training Tracks will take you through different aspects of the tool.

​For the best results, start at the top.

You can also review all of the training videos directly on the K12 Panel YouTube Training Playlist.
The Basics
Learn the basics of logging into Panel and how to navigate the tool.
  1. Logging in for the first time
  2. Enable Google Authenticator for added security
  1. Basic Navigation
Setting up your Organization
Getting your organization set up for Panel.
  1. Settings Overview and Organization Preferences
  2. Site Structure
  3. Asset Classes
  1. Setting up Sync for Google for Work / Education (formally GSuite)
Assets and People Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals of the two underlying principles in Panel.
  1. What are People and how do I view them?
  2. What are Assets and how do I view them?
  3. Checking out an Asset to a Person
  1. Adding your first PC asset
  2. Downloading and installing the Windows Agent
  3. The On-Ramp
More on Assets
Getting the most out of Asset information.
  1. Exploring Assets Overview Table, including Maps
  2. Digging into Asset details by exploring a Chromebook
  1. Software, Hardware and Printer reports
  2. Active vs. Inactive
Asset Groups
Organizing Assets.
  1. What are Asset Groups?
  2. Building a Manual Asset group and adding Assets
  1. Building Dynamic Asset Groups
  2. Overview of Rules, including simple regex examples
Blueprints and Modifiers
Doing work against Windows Machines
  1. Blueprints basics and managing Blueprints
  2. Team Libraries and subscribing to Team Blueprints
  1. Modifiers overview
  2. Configuring Properties of a Blueprint via a Modifier
  1. How to link a Modifier to an Asset
  2. Understanding Asset and Modifier relationships
  1. View Modifier history in the Asset Modifier Report
  2. Understanding Modifiers Report across Assets
Subscriptions and Reports
Tracking Your Assets.
  1. What is a Subscription?
  2. Subscribing to get Email Notifications of Alerts
  1. A quick overview of Reports
Learn how to use the budget module in Panel