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How much does it cost? It depends on your org's size, but definitely cheaper than you think. You will save money by switching to Panel.  But, you ask, "How can Panel save me money?"
  • Do everything over the cloud, from ANYWHERE
  • Reduce (or eliminate!) your server hardware
  • Reduce (or eliminate!) your DR complexities
  • Radically reduce endpoint management woes
  • Eliminate investigation costs on "what machines are working?"
  • Keep track of inventory (locations) and lifecycles 
  • Budgeting, end-point management, and inventory management now all work together
  • Patching, software deployment, and printer deployment woes are virtually eliminated
  • and so much more!
Add all of these hard and soft dollar savings up, and you'll wonder why you didn't switch to Panel sooner!


If you only want Asset Inventory and Budgeting
Core functionality for Inventory Control, Asset tracking, Asset Checkout/In, and Budgeting.


Our most popular package - your road to the cloud!
All of the Core functionality, plus server-free PC tools including software & printer deployment and reimaging.
Core + Deploy
Inventory any type of asset you want
Track location of PCs and Chromebooks
Sync People and Chromebooks with Google
Categorize Assets by Classification
Tag Assets with Special Considerations
Assign Assets to a Location 
Check Assets out to Students and Teachers
View history of Asset Logins
View Hardware profile of each PC
View Software installed per PC
View Printers installed on each PC
View Chromebook details
Track Asset Expiration Dates
Generate Budget Refresh Projections
Report on Software Installations across PCs
Access to thousands of pre-configured software packages
Deploy printers directly to PC
Build your own custom software packages
Deploy software via the cloud to any PC
Deploy printers to any PC without a print server
Reimage any PC quickly with a Gold Image

Contact sales to get a quote - it is cheaper than you think!

CORE is just $3 / student per year,
CORE+DEPLOY is $5 / student per year,
and larger districts pay less!