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Simplify your environment

What is
and why do I care?
Does this sound like your organization?

  • You deploy Chromebooks
  • You still have Windows machines
  • You want to install PC software automatically
  • ​You want to reduce (or eliminate!) your onsite servers
  • You want to manage everything via the cloud
  • You need simple & effective inventory management
  • You want to report on who is doing what where
K12 Panel is perfect for today's modern organizations!
Organize. Locate. Configure.

Keep accurate accounts of what is where and who has it. Build budget projections. Report on it.

Track your assets. See their last location. Map them. Find out who
​used what when. Report on it.

Deploy software to your Windows computers. Change settings. Do it from anywhere to computers anywhere.


A few screenshots

K12 Panel is SO much more. You can't get a good idea from a screenshot - start a TRIAL to get your hands on it!


Ready to experience the power of simplicity?

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