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So many features.
Panel's philosophy is simplification. Simplify the way you DO things. Simply the way you GET to things. Simplify the way you TRACK things. Simplify things.
  • Inventory ANYTHING
  • Check things out to people for accountability
  • Track PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Switches, Printers, Cars, Furniture - anything you want!
  • Build detailed refresh lists
  • Remote control PCs, Macs, click through to Printers, SSH into Switches - Panel becomes your launching point for anything!
  • Push Software, configs, and more - all from and over the cloud!
  • Deploy printers w/o print servers
  • Build accurate budget projections based on hard facts, not "gut feel"
  • 100% open platform
simplify life
  • Very low learning curve means maximizing effectiveness
  • Shared responsibility model allows non-technical stakeholders visibility
  • Eliminate or automate tedious and error-prone tasks
  • Track deployments like never before
  • Get visibility to what really matters
  • Reduce costs in many, many ways!
  • No onsite server hardware required
  • Integrates with Microsoft M365 and/or Google for Workspace
  • Works over LAN or over cloud
  • Fast “road to the cloud” for both Google and Microsoft 
  • Zero-trust security architecture (trust no one)
  • Full Remote Control Integration
asset management
  • Import Chromebooks from Google
  • Easily track PCs
  • View last-used locations on maps
  • Track inventory based on location
  • Tag assets based on specifics - anything you want!
  • Easily report on inventory age
  • Automatically generate refresh lists
package deploy
  • Simple to deploy PC packages
  • 100% cloud-based package delivery
  • Thousands of predefined packages
  • Fully extensible and customizable - write your own packages with ease!
  • Push printers without print servers!
  • Full reports on successes
budget projections
  • Enhanced communication between district admins, building leaders, and technologists
  • Easily build budget projections
  • Play with “what if” scenarios
  • Break budget down by cost centers
reimage PCs
  • Flash drive-based reimaging tool
  • Reimage any PC, anywhere - no servers required!
  • BIOS and EFI boot supported
  • Clean, up-to-date images provided
  • Compatible with Win 11 and Win 10

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