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Formed in 2020, the Panel team came together with one simple mission: make our job easier.

The Panel team is a group of engineers. Our careers started along traditional avenues: working in the trenches doing network support, server engineering, cloud management, and desktop and printer support. We know firsthand how hard all of those moving parts can be to get right.

We know contemporary knowledge regarding best practices for managing ecosystems. We did it. Servers and SAN hardware. VMWare. Hyper-V. Microsoft AD. Google. AWS. WSUS. GPOs. Print Servers. Maybe a traditional RMM. We knew all of the best practices. But we also knew: there had to be a better way.

We kept looking for a better way. We couldn't find it.  So we built it.

During COVID, we started building Panel. By 2021, we were rolling out our beta. In 2022, we brought Panel to a limited general audience release. Through 2023, we grew to a state-wide audience in Montana.

In 2024, we are bringing Panel to the world!

We hope you find Panel as magical as we do.