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Take advantage of a new feature just released to make your printer management even easier!

By creating and enabling a Printer Default asset class, your Printer Blueprint Modifiers will automatically create an associated asset for you to track!

To take advantage of this new feature, simply:
  1. Navigate to your Asset Classes in Settings (jump straight there)
  2. Choose an existing (or create a new) asset class to be your Default Printer asset class
  3. Right click on the chosen asset class and choose to Set Printer Default asset class

Panel will automatically create a set of Printer assets for you! And, as you add new Printer Blueprint Modifiers, new assets representing the printers will automatically be added as well! Explore these new assets - they link to their generated Modifier to make navigating and managing printers easier than ever. And these assets can now participate in budget scenarios too!

If you ever have an asset automatically generated you do not want, simply delete it.

You can turn this feature off by toggling Set Printer Default asset class menu option on the Printer Default asset class. This will disable this feature. You can re-enable it at any time.

This feature is the new recommended behavior in Panel and you are encouraged to adopt it right away!

You can read more about this (and see screenshots) in the documentation.