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MSPs mean business.

K12Panel can help.

As an MSP, you are responsible to drive results for your customers.

You take this responsibility seriously.

New tools can be difficult to integrate, and new tools can be challenging for customers and your team alike.

So, why is K12Panel a good idea to embrace?

4 reasons to embrace K12Panel with your MSP

1. It will work alongside your RMM

Already have an RMM? No problem! is NOT an RMM - it is the customer's tool for inventory management and/or software deployment. Your RMM can seamlessly work alongside it for MSP-specific tasks, without disrupting the customer experience!

Panel works alongside any traditional ecosystem and/or with any modern RMM. 


2. It can potentially replace your RMM

Don't have an RMM or don't want to use it with every customer? That's great! shares a lot of the features and capabilities of traditional RMMs. Many MSPs find that they don't NEED their traditional RMM when working with a Panel organization. This increases your productivity and can increase your profitability as your traditional RMM costs can be avoided.

Panel is a multi-tenant, multi-role tool that is perfectly suited for MSP RMM use.


3. It easily allows shared management

Since is your customer's tool, you can easily share management of the ecosystem directly with the customer. This builds a deeper relationship with the customer, and can be a concrete way of demonstrating your ongoing value as a partner.

Panel allows you and your customer to work out of the same system for a unified system of record for inventory, budgeting, and more!


4. It can be a revenue stream

K12Panel is a tool for your customers. Your customers will love the power and simplicity of the tool. Your customers need to buy this tool from someone - why not you?

Interested in reselling and reaping the benefits? Check out our reseller program here!


Want to learn how Panel can superpower your MSP?

Contact us to learn how K12Panel can empower your MSP!