Software Downloads

Download your Windows Agent, get Chrome Extension settings, and other useful supporting scripts.

This is a one-stop download location for your organization specific software for your cache engine, ad sync, Chromebook extension and Windows Panel Agent.

The Windows Agent Software is the agent installer that goes onto your Windows computer assets that registers your assets in Panel and runs modifiers. This can be included in your image software, GPO, manually installed, or pushed via other initial software deployment solutions. For more information go to the Installing K12 Panel Agent page.

Cache Engine Scripts is for running on server on the LAN to reduce downloading modifier payloads over the WAN connection. For more information on this, go to the Cache Engine page.

AD Sync is for running on domain controllers to sync users in AD to people in Panel to register logins hooks on assets. For more information, go to the AD Sync page.

To instructions on how to install the Chromebook extension go to the Chromebook Extension page.