The People tab is where you can find your Organization's members. People represent the employees, students, and volunteers in your organization.

You do not create People directly within K12 Panel. People are synchronized to K12 Panel from your user management system with Google at Cloud Sync or Microsoft’s Active Directory at AD Sync.

You do not create People directly within K12 Panel but import them via the sync tools linked above.

People are organized into Organizational Units (also called OUs or Org Units). In K12 Panel, Organizational Units are synonymous with Active Directory OUs and GSuite OUs and are used to hierarchically organize People.

You can select any number of people and either add them to or remove them from People Groups that you have created in Panel. These People Groups will be used for applying Modifiers (Blueprint Modifiers) that binds to people rather than Asset Modifiers which binds to assets.

You may change the fields shown on this page to include suspended users or their location in your organization’s OU structure as shown here.

The terms People and Person are used to describe a member of your organization. Typically, the term User is reserved to describe a K12Panel system user.