Manufacture Date Mapping

Use Rules to apply Manufacture Dates to assets

Similar to ChromeOS mapping, you can also set up rules to automatically apply Manufacture Dates to assets.

This can be very useful to apply Manufacture Dates to large number of assets in your fleet.

Generally, assets are procured in waves. We buy a large number of similar computers at the same time and it can be convenient to set the Manufacture Date of all of those assets to the same date. 

Create New Mapping Rule

Use this section of the screen to build a new Mapping Rule.

You can have as many rules as you want.

The first Mapping Rule that matches an asset will be applied.

Organize Existing Mapping Rules

You can prioritize rules by dragging and dropping them into a different order.

Make sure to save the re-order at the bottom of the list.

You can delete any rule that is no longer useful. This is irrevocable.

Display List of Asset Make/Model combination that do not match any Manufacture Dates

Use the Display list button to see a list of Assets that do not match any Manufacture Rules.