Modifer List

The Modifier List is a simple reporting screen to list all of the Modifiers that have been built across all Blueprints.

This screen can be helpful to quickly get a glance of all Modifiers across the system.

Modifier Report

Modifier Reports are easily accessible from this screen. Use the Modifier Report to get an understanding of the Modifier's deployment status.

Suspended Modifiers

The Modifier List also shows at-a-glance which Modifiers have one or more Asset that has a Suspended Modifier.

Suspended Modifiers are Modifiers that have failed to execute for 5 times in a row. On the firth failure, the Asset will mark the Modifier as Suspended and will skip all future attempts of the Modifier to run when the asset checks in to poll.

On the Modifier List, you can clear ALL suspended modifiers across ALL assets. You can also choose to clear a single suspended modifier across all affected Assets.

You can also see and clear Suspended Modifiers for any particular Asset on the particular Asset Details page.

Suspended Modifiers Indicator

The Modifiers List will show a small number indicating the number of Modifiers that are Suspended.