The Budgeting Module offers a powerful way to project refresh costs and help your organization plan for future spending.

The Budgeting Module can be overwhelming at first. Stick with it. IT IS WORTH IT!

Budget Scenarios Webinar (optional viewing)

If you learn better by watching than reading, consider this quick 30 minute Webinar that will take you through the entire Budget module and process!

Budget Scenarios Overview

Budget Scenarios allow you to project future budgetary needs.

Budgeting Scenarios are configured with a set of assumptions. After you set these assumptions, your Budget Scenario will provide you with a projected budget.

Budget Scenarios provide budget projections based on assumptions.

Your budget assumptions come from two different sources:

  1. Your Asset Class service durations

  2. Replacement Cost Models

As a reminder, Asset Class Service Durations define the life expectancy of each of your defined Asset Classes. There is a full help article available on Asset Class Service Durations.

Replacement Cost Models are the second component of your scenario assumptions. Replacement Cost Models are created and edited via the associated tab in the Budgeting module.

Before you build a Budget Scenario, you must set your Asset Class Service Durations and also build at least one Replacement Cost Model.