Asset Connectors

Asset Connectors are ways that you can launch an external tool from an Asset in Panel.

You can use Asset Connectors to:

  • Launch an RDP session from a PC Asset in Panel

  • Launch a VNC session from a PC Asset in Panel

  • Open the web page of a printer from a Printer asset in Panel

  • Launch a Putty session to SSH into a Switch Asset from Panel

  • Launch a Remote Control session from a PC Asset over Splashtop (or TeamViewer, or RustDesk, or any of the other supported platforms)

Asset Connectors let you launch another tool from an Asset Page in Panel. You can do a TON of different things with Asset Connectors - they are highly customizable!

 There are two ways to configure Asset Connectors: Configuration or Modifier Reporting.

Configure Asset Connectors in Settings

Asset Connectors can be configured via SETTINGS, ASSET CONNECTORS. See Asset Connectors in Settings to learn more about building general Asset Connectors usable across a wide range of Assets.

Configure Asset Connector via Modifier Report

A Modifier Report can produce a connector in the results of the Report. This can be useful when you need to use code on a computer to generate the necessary intelligence of the URL for the connector. Examples can be: a Splashtop Streamer link or a RustDesk remote code link.