System Users

Control who has access to your K12 Panel organization.

K12 Panel uses OAuth2 for authentication. All system users MUST be Google or Microsoft logins. They can be something as basic as an @gmail or @outlook address, or can be a Google Workspace user or M365-managed user.


On the System Users tab, you can add users, delete users, or change the role of existing users. One user will be the Organization’s designated SuperAdmin. The SuperAdmin role cannot be changed by other users in the organization (even other Admins). The SuperAdmin has no special ability in the system over normal Admins except that the SuperAdmin cannot be deleted or changed.

Budgeter is a special designation that can be added to any user, regardless of the user’s role. If a user is a Budgeter, that user can engage in the Budgeting module. Only the SuperAdmin can designate who is a Budgeter.


Each role has different abilities in the system. Reporter is the most restricted, and Admins have unlimited control over the system.

  • Reporters can access reports on assets and people in the organization.

  • Managers are able to add and delete users and access reports.

  • Modifiers are able to create and apply modifiers from existing blueprints.

  • Architects are able to create blueprints for modifiers to use.

  • Admins are able to do all of the above and create and delete users.