Remote Control

Panel integrates with free and paid-for 3rd party remote control solutions.

What is Remote Control software?

Remote Control software let's you control the mouse and keyboard of a computer without having to physically be at the computer.

Let's face it: sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is by sitting down at a computer! Whether it is for remote-support or to check in on a computer from home, there's no substitute for remote controlling a PC or Mac.

How is Remote Control a part of Panel?

Each of the packages listed on the menu are integrated into Panel. Each of these packages has a special set of instructions to help you start using the package quickly and efficiently in your organization.

How, in a nutshell, do each of these work?

We've broken this into "steps" of remote-control. Each of these packages discusses these steps, and how Panel accomplishes each.

  1. Using Panel, install the Remote Control software on the computer that will be controlled.
  2. Configure an Asset Connector to allow you to immediately remote control the Computer when you find it in Panel.
  3. Install QuickCommands to do useful things.
  4. Configure your administrative computer with the necessary solution's Viewing software.

Fully Integrated Solutions:

I prefer a package that isn't listed

You aren't limited by the packages listed! By using Blueprints, Asset Connectors, and Quick Commands, Panel's open architecture will let you deploy and connect to computers with any remote control tool you prefer! The packages listed here have simply been tested and are known to work well with Panel.

Don't see the package you wish you saw? Let us know!