Configuring DNS to allow automatic detection of OrgID

You can provide a DNS entry to allow the generic K12Panel agent to detect your organization's ID

This method is deprecated and should not be used.

This is not the preferred way of installing the organization ID onto PC assets. This method is supported for organizations using legacy versions of the K12Panel agent.

Overview of DNS entry

You can add a DNS TXT record to your local DNS server to allow assets to detect the proper OrgID to use for registration.

You will enter a TXT record in DNS containing your OrgID at entry orgid.k12panel

Your DNS TXT record should be at orgid.k12panel with no TLD extension (such as .com, .net, etc.). 

Do NOT create a zone for

Below you can find instructions for both Active Directory DNS as well as Unbound in pfSense.


Configuring Active Directory DNS

  1. Open DNS from Server Manager

  2. Right Click on Forward Lookup Zones

  3. Create a New Zone

  4. Follow the defaults on the Zone Wizard

  5. When asked for a Zone Name, enter k12panel

  6. Once created, right click on your new k12panel zone

  7. Choose “Other New Record”

  8. Scroll down and select Text (TXT) record and click “Create Record”

  9. For the name of the record, enter orgid

  10. The Text should be your OrgID copied and pasted from K12Panel settings (do not use the Sample OrgID below)

  11. Save and close out of DNS

Configuring Unbound in pfSense

  1. Log in to pfSense web interface

  2. Navigate to Services, DNS Resolver

  3. Scroll down to General Settings and open Display Custom Options

  4. In the Custom Options text area, add the following content to the end of any other content displayed (substituting your OrgID for the sample one)

  5. Save the Custom Option

  6. Apply changes


For pfSense Unbound, make sure you are careful with the double and single quotes! If you mess those up, your TXT entry will not work.

Testing the DNS Entry to confirm it is working

You can test this from a Windows Command Line with the following test:

nslookup -type=txt orgid.k12panel

You should get an output similar to this:

C:\>nslookup -type=txt orgid.k12panel Server: local.dns.hostname Address: orgid.k12panel text = "329fe333-75d7-4wwe-8dc5-9ai833c742dc"