Google Workspace Integration

Integrate with Google Workspace to import People and Chromebooks and keep them in sync.

Google Workspace Sync

K12 Panel can communicate with Google Workspace, Google Workspace for Education, and Google Workspace for Nonprofits to import People, your Organization Units hierarchy, and Chromebooks (as Assets).

This is a powerful feature of K12 Panel.

Google Sync Overview

By using the Google sync function, K12 Panel can pull in parts of your organizational intelligence to allow you to manage checkout of Assets to People, as well as see and inventory-control all of your Organization’s Chromebooks in Google.

K12 Panel will not to sync to your Google Workspace until you grant it the necessary permissions.


You must grant K12 Panel the access it needs to Sync.


Granting K12 Panel authorization to Google Sync

To sync K12 Panel with your Google Workspace, you will do the following simple steps. These steps must be performed by a K12 Panel administrator. This same logged in user must have the necessary permissions within the organization’s Google Workspace system (typically, a Google Workspace Super Admin is used, but that isn’t required).

  1. Navigate to the Cloud Sync tab while logged in as a Google Workspace user that can authorize this action

  2. Click the Authorize Panel to Perform Google Workspace Sync button

  3. Grant Google Workspace the necessary read-only permissions

  4. On initial authorization, a Google Workspace sync will be started.

Cloud syncs occur several times throughout the day on a periodic schedule. You can request an immediate sync by using the Request Immediate Cloud Sync Refresh button.

When you are ready to grant READ-ONLY permission to K12 Panel, you may click the Authorize button. You will be notified one more time that this is a read-only request, before being redirected to Google for final authorization from Google.

Once you acknowledge and Start Authorization, you will be taken to Google to perform FINAL authorization with Google for Read-Only access. The access you are authorizing only allows K12 Panel to read information from your Google Workspace setup and you can revoke this access at any time.

You will be asked by Google to ALLOW or DENY several READ-ONLY permissions. Please GRANT all of these to allow K12 Panel to perform the desired sync tasks.

You will notice that each request is to VIEW only - no changes can be performed with the permission you are granting.

It is important to note: NO PASSWORDS are stored in K12 Panel for this authorization.

No passwords are stored in K12 Panel. Your Google Workspace system maintains full control at all times, and can revoke K12 Panel’s authorization at any time.

K12 Panel maintains the permissions by caching the authorization granted by the Google Workspace administrator. This authorization is verified via the Google API every time it is used, and so it can be revoked by the Google Workspace administrator at any time either through K12 Panel or directly via Google.

Revoking Authorization

Once you have authorized K12 Panel to conduct Google Workspace Synchronizations, you can de-authorize this permission at any time.

Revoke from within K12 Panel

There is a De-Authorize Panel to Perform Google Workspace Sync button on the Google Integration configuration page. Simply push this to De-Authorize K12 Panel to remove the authorization.

Revoke directly from Google

You can also De-Authorize K12 Panel via Google. To do this via Google:

  1. Log into GMail (or any other Google site)

  2. Navigate to

  3. Select Security from the left menu

  4. Scroll to Third-party apps with account access

  5. Select Managed third-party access (or jump directly to it here)

  6. Click into K12 Panel’s access and manage (revoke) permissions as you see fit

Remember: if you revoke permissions from K12 Panel to sync with Google, no additional synchronizations can take place until you re-authorize K12 Panel.


A special consideration on how Panel Syncs with Google

If you choose to sync with both Google and Microsoft, note that Google synchronizes first and then Microsoft Azure synchronizes second.

Take note if you sync with both Google and Azure: Because Panel synchronizes with Google first and with Microsoft Azure second, Microsoft Azure differences (if any) on People will overwrite Panel's original representation of Google's information.

For example: If a Person is in Google as “” with a name of “Robert Smith”, and is also in Microsoft Azure as “” with a name of “Bob Smith”, Panel will display the name “Bob Smith”, as “Robert Smith” from Google will be overwritten with “Bob Smith” from Microsoft Azure.

Likewise, if you sync to both Azure and Google, People will be merged based on their email addresses (if a common email address is found in both clouds). Any Person object that is represented in both Azure and Google must be removed from both Azure and Google before they will be removed from Panel.